How to mint Rebel Reindeer NFTs


1. Download and install Phantom wallet extension to your Chrome browser. This is your crypto wallet which will store your Solana (SOL) crypto and your Solana NFTs.
Instructions and download:


2. Buy some Solana crypto (SOL) and transfer it to your Phantom wallet. You can buy SOL from any well known crypto exchange such as Coinbase, Binance or
The price for one Rebel Reindeer NFT is 0.99 SOL. In addition you should have some extra SOL for gas fees (transaction fee charged by the Solana blockchain). Roughly a total of 1.02 SOL should be enough to purchase one Rebel Reindeer NFT.

Minting platform

We use a secure and easy-to-use platform called LaunchMyNFT for minting the Rebel Reindeer NFTs. You can go to the platfrom from the button below. Under the button we have put together detailed instructions on how to mint your Rebel Reindeer NFT on the platfrom.
Note: If you want to mint several NFTs, you need to mint them one by one.
1. First connect your Phantom wallet to the platform from the button in upper right corner of the screen.
2. Select Solana network from the popup.
3. Select Phantom wallet from the popup.
4. Press “Connect” button to connect your wallet to the platform.
5. Press “Mint” button to start the minting process.

6. Press the “Approve” button to approve the transaction. Then the minting will start. Please be patient. This can take up to one minute.

7. If you get the below error message it means that the Solana network is congested (busy). Check your wallet if the mint went through and try again if it didn’t.

8. Repeat the process to mint more Rebel Reindeer NFTs.

You can find your minted Rebel Reindeer NFTs in your Phantom wallet. Congrats and welcome to the herd! 🙂